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Date Played Opposition Game Type For Against Result
Apr 07 Ourimbah Competition 6 1 Win
Apr 14 Terrigal Abandoned 0 0 Draw
Apr 21 Bye 0 0 Bye
Apr 28 Mountains Competition 2 1 Win
May 05 Southern Ettalong Competition 4 1 Win
May 12 Woy Woy Competition 6 0 Win
May 19 Kincumber Competition 5 1 Win
May 26 Southern Ettalong Competition 7 1 Win
Jun 02 Woy Woy Competition 5 1 Win
Jun 16 Kincumber Competition 7 0 Win
Jun 23 Terrigal Competition 3 1 Win
Jun 30 Umina Competition 11 0 Win
Jul 07 Ourimbah Competition 5 0 Win
Jul 21 Terrigal Competition 13 1 Win
Jul 28 Ourimbah Competition 10 0 Win
Aug 04 Terrigal Competition 3 1 Win
Aug 18 Mountains Competition 2 2 Draw
Aug 25 Southern Ettalong Competition 3 0 Win

Competition, Semis and Finals Statistics
Wins Losses Draws   For Against

  Report - Aug 25 U9DS vs Southern Ettalong , Result: 3 - 0 Win
Awesome effort this year our U9 DOMINATORS !!!. Undefeated all Season. Fabulous year of Soccer boys. Great game today. 3 goals came from Isaac, Aaden , and Vinnie. Fabulous defensive work from Cooper , Rabi , Jack and Elliott. Great work in the back by Andrew, great goalie work from Lachlan .
Coaches award today went to Elliott ⚽🏆

  Report - Aug 18 U9DS vs Mountains , Result: 2 - 2 Draw
Had  a draw today after playing a well drilled and defensive Mountains team . Unfortunately the wind was nasty during the game which didn't help. Keep smiling boys , you are still undefeated. 1 game left for our AWESOME DOMINATORS !!
Coaches award for outstanding work today went to Cooper 🏆⚽

  Report - Aug 04 U9DS vs Terrigal , Result: 3 - 1 Win
Tougher game today. No one on the scoreboard till 12 minutes in when Jack managed a great goal from quarter field. Terrigal showed determination with great defence, however came away with the win after Elliott and Isaac scored 2 more goals.
Great work in goals by Vinnie 1st half and Cooper 2nd half.
Coaches award for outstanding work today went to Rabi, showing great team work ⚽🏆🏆👏

  Report - Jul 28 U9DS vs Ourimbah , Result: 10 - 0 Win
Once again a dominating game by our Boys. Great passing and listening skills. 10 Awesome goals, 5 from Jack , 2 Isaac , 2 Vinnie, 1 Elliott. Great work from the backs Aaden and Andrew and amazing foot work and passing skills from Lachie and Cooper.
Today's man of the match Coaches award to Cooper 👏
Pizza awards to Elliott and Aaden. 
Continue to be undefeated 😁👏👏👏👏⚽

  Report - Jul 21 U9DS vs Terrigal , Result: 13 - 1 Win
Another Dominating performance by the team today. Boys are showing great team work both on and off the field. A few casualties from both sides throughout the game,  however all played in good spirit. 
Special mention today goes to Elliott who was awarded by  the club the (George  Brand Good sport Award) for always displaying great Sportsmanship, respect and for always being there for a helping hand to a player who is injured. 

  Report - Jul 07 U9DS vs Ourimbah , Result: 5 - 0 Win

A chilly morning for today's game. Great passing work today between our team . Another Dominating performance by the U9 D (Dominators) great team work by all after a 5:0 win remain undefeated this Season ...... So far. Keep up the great work boys. Goal scoring by Vinnie (3), Isaac (1) , Elliott (1).

Pie  & Drink Award to Andrew

Pizza Award to Isaac

Coaches award for Sportsmanship went to Lachlan 🏆🏆

  Report - Jun 30 U9DS vs Umina , Result: 11 - 0 Win the best way to describe the game today. It was a great game that each of our boys  should be proud of. Cooper started the game brilliantly with a awesome goal from quarter of the field. 10 other goals came from Isaac with (4), Elliott (3), Vinnie (1) and Aaden with (2).
Great defence and work from our backs Rabi, Andrew and Lachie protecting the goals.
Great passing and listening to coach today ,  working well as a team with good passing. 
Coaches award for outstanding work today with his 1st 2 goals of the Season went to Aaden 👏🏆⚽

  Report - Jun 23 U9DS vs Terrigal , Result: 3 - 1 Win
It was a very tough game. It was very competitive. But the boys worked together as a team, therefore we won our game. All the boys played their best. Great Game 👏⚽👏⚽👏
Couches award goes to Copper for great work at the back. 🏆

  Report - Jun 16 U9DS vs Kincumber , Result: 7 - 0 Win
What can we say but WOW !! fantastic effort today boys as we continue on our winning steak . Awesome start to the game with Isaac scoring a hat trick of goals , then Vinnie and Jack backed it up with a goal each and Isaac another in the 1st half  . We played a stronger 1st half with these 6 goals and then the 2nd half Vinnie scored another extra goal . Unfortunately Kincumber did score today . Great attack and defence work from our team today , however we must remember that we need to work as a team at times and continue to pass to a player that is available and clear to do so to. 
Great effort today goes to Elliott in Goals 1st half and Cooper in the 2nd half. 
Wonderful work by our backs especially Lachlan and Andrew today. 
Thanks to Bailey for helping us out for the game today as our sub. 
Coaches award goes to Andrew for his great effort in the back today. 🏆👏 

  Report - Jun 02 U9DS vs Woy Woy , Result: 5 - 1 Win
Cold and bleak weather today for our game. Winter has certainly hit ❄🌫.
Our little team is working together and improving each new week. Great consistent effort at training is paying off. 
Every player played to their best abilities today.
Coaches award today went to Elliott 🏆

  Report - May 26 U9DS vs Southern Ettalong , Result: 7 - 1 Win
Each week our Little "Dominators" are getting so much better with their team work and positioning . Today was no exception , a brilliant effort and a really well deserved win again for us , undefeated all season so far !! 😁
Great effort in goals Aaden and Lachlan.
Today's Pizza award went to Andrew, our determined quiet acheiver awarded the Macca's Sports award and
coaches award trophy went to Vinnie for great defence and goal today.🏆

Keep up the AMAZING effort boys. You are all great ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽👏👏

  Report - May 19 U9DS vs Kincumber , Result: 5 - 1 Win
Today's game was fantastic , full of plenty of awesome moments - which included 5 great goals from our goal scorers (Vinnie, Elliott, Isaac and Jack). Lachie putting is body on the line with great defence, Cooper and Rabi get into good goal scorng positions, Andrew with his fantastic clearance kicks and Aaden in goals not allowing the opposition to score in the 2nd half .
Today's coaches award goes to Isaac 🏆⚽

  Report - May 12 U9DS vs Woy Woy , Result: 6 - 0 Win
Awesome game today from start to the  end. Each player in our team should be proud of his efforts on what was a cold and wet Saturday morning. Great passing , particularly around the goal mouth between our boys , each week they are starting to learn the concept of passing more and certainly spreading out and allowing room for the ball to be passed. Unfortunately despite Woy Woy putting in a concerted effort they were unable to score today and we came out the better team of the day. Great goals today to Vinnie , Jack with 2 each and  Isaac and and Elliott with 1 each. 
Special mention to Rabi today who is starting to really defend and attack the ball more , in comparison to last year - he should be very proud of himself.
🍕 Pizza award to Vinnie
Macca's to Rabi 
And Coaches award🏆 went to Jack. 
Keep up this awesome effort guys ⚽⚽⚽

  Report - May 05 U9DS vs Southern Ettalong , Result: 4 - 1 Win
Wow wow wow !! Great game today from each of our boys by a pretty tough and drilled Ettalong team. Our boys are really starting to put in a really conserted effort and playing more in positions,  and we are seeing some great teamwork and communication skills when passing between team mates. 
Great effort protecting the goal 1st half by Andrew and 2nd half to Jack . 
4 great goals to Cooper , Vinnie , and Lachlan. 
2 of the goals scored by Vinnie , a great one set up by Isaac and scored by Lachie and special mention to Cooper who scored his 1st ever goal !! . Great effort mate 👏👏. 
Today's coaches award goes to Rabi for his consistent determination and great attacking skills in today's game 🏆

  Report - Apr 28 U9DS vs Mountains , Result: 2 - 1 Win
The game started of wet and slippery with the rain dampening the field , but certainly not the play. Once again our team put in a wonderful effort , especially as it was only the 2nd game of the Season . Mountains put in some good defence and scored 1 great 1st goal , however we came up trump in the 2nd half with both Elliott and Jack each scoring a great goal each. Our little timid Cooper was on fire today and starting to really play his position and trying so hard to get up to the goal area with many attempts at a goal. Great work from Vinnie and Lachlan in goals. Our players are starting to put themselves into set positions now. ⚽⚽.  
Coaches award today to Cooper 🏆

  Report - Apr 21 U9DS vs , Result: 0 - 0 Bye

  Report - Apr 14 U9DS vs Terrigal , Result: 0 - 0 Draw
No game today . No Terrigal team at Tuggerah (Soccer 5's ) for the game . ⚽🤔😱

  Report - Apr 07 U9DS vs Ourimbah , Result: 6 - 1 Win
AWESOME start to the 2018 Soccer Season Boys with a fantastic win . All played well and all showed that enthusiasm on the field with their 1st game. 2 goals to Vinnie, Isaac and 1 to Jack and Elliott. Great effort in goals by Aaden 2nd half , stopping many Ourimbah balls making it to the goal mouth. Rabi, Cooper and Andrew showing some great defensive work and blocking the ball well. Player of the match going to Lachlan who threw himself and head (literally) into today's game -he was on fire. 
Looking forward to a great 2018 Season Boys with plenty of "D" for DOMINANTION !! ⚽⚽⚽ 

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